Our leadership team works in collaboration with a select network of creatives from around the globe to deliver world-changing solutions.


Rowena bahl
creative director

Rowena develops the vision and sets the creative standards and objectives for each project. She guides the creative process, working alongside the team to ensure that client goals are met. Rowena draws on her experience as the editor of a global travel magazine to create content that resonates with audiences.


Philippe Gerard
Director of vr experiences

Philippe has been immersed in the world of virtual reality for over a decade and offers innovative solutions to client needs. With a portfolio that includes underwater VR films for world-champion freedivers, 3D installations for artists like David Guetta and exhibitions for Louis Vuitton, Philippe has plenty of experience in interactive technology.



Jessie is a woman of her word. She's also a woman of many words. As the agency's copywriter, Jessie knows how to compose language that connects with audiences in an authentic way. Coming from an editorial and copy-writing background, Jessie has worked with some of the world's leading brands across print and digital. 


Tristan leads the visualisation of our print campaigns and 3D animation. He is a creative hybrid who is able to work across many mediums, managing the execution of the creative vision. He brings a breadth of experience in graphic arts and expertise as a technical director. 

Having lived on Ratua Private Island for over 3 years now, I can say that the island is truly a paradise. But reading about it in the soulful editorial produced by Rowena Bahl Creative was magically captivating and has reminded me of how lucky I am to be here.
— Bong Sermanto, General Manager, Ratua Private Island